Infomir Mag 322 W1 WIFI Setup

From the beginning of your day with a modern coffee-machine to ending it with exciting Netflix content on your smart Tv or Laptop, modern technology has been an integral part of life. We cannot imagine an hour without access to the internet these days. Everything has been modernized, and so has been the case with connectivity. MAG322 W1 WiFi setup from “Formir” is one of the most versatile set-top boxes available these days.

It is a Linux IPTV set box which comes with built-in WiFi. This unit contains an excellent-performance processor within a powerful chipset and a magnificent overall configuration.

Table of Contents

I am providing you a detailed guide for this versatile WiFi setup box. Moreover, I will explain among the all available in the market, which one is right for you?

What comes within the setup?

This is an efficient and high-tech device. Let me see what comes within the package:

The performance

MAG 322 w1 comes with a built-In WiFi (WLAN) system. The setup has got a powerful Broadcom BCM75839 chipset integrated within it. However, the MIPS 4KE Dual Core CPU Processor and 512 MB RAM installed here to indicate its efficiency.


It can provide 100 Mbps Ethernet (802.11 b/g/n 150Mbps). Featuring the HDMI port, a Composite + Stereo A/V Out, and 2 USB ports and USB ports are 2.0 versions.

The sources for media contents

It has got PC and Network Attached Storage for the local network, stream media broadcasting protocols (RTSP, RTP, UDP, IGMP and HTTP) and USB devices. With the access of integrated Media-Portal with the IPTV functionality based on Web-Kit, it has added value to it.

Special Features of This Device

This gadget has got some unique features that the users love and admire about. These are:

1. A strong internet connection and streaming capability

Usually, we are worried about the devices which don’t come with an antenna. That is the case here too, as it doesn’t come with an antenna. But the built-in WiFi here is highly efficient and gives a strong signal of connection within an acceptable range. And there’s also no temporary lowering of the speed while streaming. This states how good the connectivity it provides.

2. The speed while operating

It has got a fascinating speed while it is working. Even the firmware updates take a short time. Moreover, it has got smoothness in its operation.

3. Well-built

In comparison with the previous versions, this device has got a smoother built, and it is easy in handling.

4. The functionality of buttons

The button configuration is almost similar to the ones implemented in the MAG 254 and MAG 256. However, some of the buttons have been slightly re-configured to be larger. The on/off button at the top right-corner feels to be more responsive than the previous ones.


  • High-performance processor and chipset.
  • Compared to others, this device provides a better flash memory.
  • Improvised set-top box, which is very user-friendly.
  • Includes batteries and HDMI cables.
  • Strong WiFi signal.
  • Easy to setup.


  • No access to any VPN support.
  • No installation of the antenna.
  • No proper subtitles feature.

Buying Guide to IPTV Boxes

Before buying an IPTV box, you should remember the precise but significant things. You do not need to read out each of the sentences in the description.

Provide importance to things like the processor, the RAM, and flash memory. It would be best if you also focused on the user-friendliness of the device.

The quality of the built is essential here. Focus on purchasing the gadgets which are made of good-quality materials and have good longevity.

Why does make the MAG 322 unique?

This device is the best in the market, and will surely recommend you to buy the Infomir MAG 322 W1 WiFi Setup because of its multi-various functionalities. Let us now see why this gadget is so unique:

This device comes with the feature of a built-in WiFi system. Puts the new adapter for W-fi out of the equation, and it is a huge plus to have got a built-in WiFi here.

Moreover, this machine usually supports all kinds of IPTV streaming services, which provide you with wider access to the channels and contents. The compatibility with programs, including Stalker offers you a significant advantage while switching on the IPTV services and contents.

FAQs (Frequently Asking Questions)

How can I connect my TV with this device and use the WiFi?

Firstly, you need a switch on the TV. Then you should click on network settings. After that, click on WiFi and then set up your router and use the service.

Is privacy a concern here while streaming?

The MAG 322 is not adjustable with the exclusive virtual networks for those who need online security. For this, you have to install an additional VPN on the router. Also, they cannot record here on this device.

What should you do while you see frozen Pictures on MAG 322 Set-Top Box?

This is one of the most common problems in this device. Follow the steps given below to recover from this situation:

  • You should check your internet speed.
  • Reduction of WiFi Interference.
  • Then change your WiFi Channel.
  • After that, you have to upgrade your WiFi Router.
  • The WiFi dongle should be changed
  • Make sure you have switched to an ethernet connection.
  • Finally, change the dimension of buffer.


People around the world are extensively using the Infomir MAG 322 W1 WiFi Setup these days. You may get strangled while surfing the net for the best IPTV box. I have given you the information about the best in the market, and we recommend you to get this.