What are the best IPTVs to watch Indian channels in Canada?

Canada is a diverse country. Its home to people all over the world. Especially, for the Indians, this is like their second home. With almost 1 million Indian living there, you can find them one in every city of the country.

Living abroad this huge number of people miss their culture. They miss watching their daily soaps, Bollywood movies, and their Cricket most of all. But with IPTVs they can get all that right on their screen.

But what are the best IPTVs to watch Indian channels in Canada? There are so many today. Finding the right one is like a puzzle in itself.

No worries, AzimIPTV is on it to bring India to the Indians at the best rate.

OTT vs. IPTV — Which One to Take?

This is an ongoing debate on which many has their own say. I won’t go there. However, for a user, it is important to know their difference and many confuse one for the other.

Where else they can’t be any more different.

Now, to be honest, you can’t blame people for it as the line between the two is quite blur. Both services use streaming using the internet. Though, the IPTV is more dependent on a device to provide you the service on the devices. It requires a set-top box which makes it a more private connection.

On the other hand, OTT which stands for over the top streaming doesn’t require any such device. It uses an open and public internet which makes it more accessible to people. YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, are all example of the service.

But the type of content and how they deliver aren’t the same at all. Where you need to invest some money for the structure of a private network to enjoy the IPTV services like AzimIPTV.

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You can get the OTT services like YouTube or Netflix on your device without any of it. Also, the content of both is different. With OTT, you can watch exclusive shows that get made just for the platform. For instance, the handmaid’s tale on Hulu or The Queen’s gambit on Netflix shows that get made for those platforms.

But IPTV is more like your cable TV but only it gets through you over the internet instead of the old ways of cable. So, you can get to watch your favorite Indian channels for the daily soaps or your favorite sports channel to watch the games on their which OTT can’t give you.

They both got their merits. But if you want to feel like you’re in India living abroad, the best IPTV subscription service provider like AzimIPTV is your only bet. They both got their merits. But if you want to feel like you’re in India living abroad, the best IPTV subscription service provider is your only bet.

Which is the best IPTV subscription service provider?

Now, comes the question of which service provider to choose. There are many IPTV providers within the country that it can be hard for you to make up your mind on one from the lot. But when you start to compare the IPTV brands and the deals they have to offer, it is quite obvious, for Indians AzimIPTV got the best deal.

AzimIPTV is the best IPTV subscription service provider for so many reasons. Starting from the number of channels it has to offer. You can enjoy Indian channels from all the regions. They’ve got channels from Bollywood, Kolkata, Malayalam, Telugu, and Tamil, and all the other places in the country. No matter the region you’re from India, you can find your favorite TV channel to watch living in Canada with AzimIPTV.

Besides that, they’ve got over 10000+ channels to watch from which give you the option to view content from other countries too. But the real game changer here is the fact that they are quite quick to respond to any issue. The other IPTV brands don’t seem to provide the support that fast. Most of them are unreachable and some are quite non-existent. Not AzimIPTV.

Plus, the pricing they have also make them one of the cheapest in the country. For the number of channels, service, and quality it provides, AzimIPTV hands down is the best choice.

Features that make IPTV the best:

To watch Indian TV shows, movies, or Sports, AzimIPTV is a great choice. But every IPTV service provider claims that. So, how do you truly know it’s the best?

Let’s find out right here.

Channels from your province:

One thing that makes AzimIPTV stand out from the rest of the competition is the variety of channels it got. Other IPTVs got channels too, but they aren’t that diverse.

India being a big country, there are so many people living in different parts of the country that every region has its own unique culture, its own language. So, not everyone watches the same kind of show.

And that’s where AzimIPTV makes its mark as it got channels from all regions. No matter, whether you speak Telugu, Hindi, Bengali, or any other language, you will find your province shows right here with their service. 

Quality streaming:

A wide range of channels isn’t the only reason to get their service. The quality of the on-demand video through their network is what makes them the best. You can enjoy streaming at 4K resolution with their service without any lag of any sort. That is hard to come by with other IPTVs.

Pause and Play:

Most IPTV box services offer the pause and play function. This isn’t something out of the ordinary that’s for sure. However, AzimIPTV takes it to a whole new level. You can pause something and come back 7-days later to watch it from there without any problem. If you compare it with other service’s 30-minute pause time before it auto-plays, this will seem like a lifetime.

Plus, you get 24×7 technical support from them, a great pricing plan which is quite affordable, and a rich library of TV shows and movies which make it the best.


If you’re missing India a lot, it’s time to get back and connect to the culture through AzimIPTV. They got all the best channels at the best quality for you at the right price. So, why wait.

Call now (+1 (587) 433-2345) and enjoy their service. You can even start for free.