Difference Between IPTV and OTT

Which one is better? IPTV or OTT? Well, not necessarily both of them are competing with each other, and the users play the victim role. Imperatively, the use of IPTV and OTT has bloomed so far that we have imagined. They control our life to some extent, don’t they?

Living in a modern and civilized world where everything is based on the internet, you cannot avoid the flow, and the internet will gently penetrate every aspect of life. Gradually, it becomes a part of life. So, 3.8 billion all over the world are users of the internet in one way or another.

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Sitting in front of the TV is more fascinating now than before. What is the potential reason? Did you ever think about it? The potential reasons to sit in front of a TV are the entrance of IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) and OTT (Over the Top Technology).

Count how many times you have shut down the TV for not having proper signals. The millennials know it better than ever since they could not watch their most favorite shows even on weekends.

We are lucky for bidding those days and have welcomed IPTV and OTT for better days. This world is only a click away from you being treasure troves. Well, let’s see the difference between IPTV and OTT.

IPTV (Internet Protocol TV)

IP stands for internet protocol and it is a privately manageable network. IPTV transfers the data as protocol and they are linked to one systematic internet network.

The mix of OTT and Cable service providers is IPTV and it is completely dependent on the requirement of users. IPTV is smoother than OTT for being no third-party interruption though it has many similarities with OTT.

Another point to mention is that the IPTV is used privately and the management system is a content delivery network AKA CDN that makes it different from YouTube. Like YouTube and Hulu, click the play button and you are good to go.

It is a paid service from ISP, which ensures no interruption while enjoying the favorite series. Also, the upstream and downstream system makes you feel similar to using a smart TV with the exact buttons of play, stop, pause, etc.

However, the payment for IPTV service is more than OTT. Since you can customize the subscription system, you can enjoy the shows on the release date. You heard me right, and the data generation of IPTV is from CDN. The CDN ensures having a high quality of video service or saying that streaming quality is far better than OTT.


  • It is a personally managed system, and the users will customize the program.
  • The IPTV system provides high resolutions with minimum interruption. The network delivery is private, and it has enhanced the efficiency of watching the shows smoothly.
  • The shows are on your TV at the released dates.
  • Installation process is not hectic. It requires only a set-up box and people who have broadband connections do have a set-up box.


  • The internet is not at high speed frequently, especially at night, when everyone is active.
  • As it is based on subscriptions, users have to pay a fair amount.

Let’s take a look at OTT!

OTT (Over the Top Technology)

Third parties control the contents of this system, and it is publicly used. The streaming process is not privately secured, and people can access it through an internet connection.

OTT features a public streaming system unlike IPTV and like the casual internet services, this streaming system has limitations. While watching a show, it will not provide a smooth streaming quality with high resolution. If you have a poor WiFi connection, it will influence the speed of OTT badly. The users will face difficulties for a long time buffering and slow network.

When someone wants to open a high-resolution picture from an email, they have to wait for some time to get all the pixels together. Likewise, when you are using the OTT, the problems I have mentioned before, make the process complicated to deny streaming’s smooth delivery.

Overall the system is a bit complicated as it is divided into 3 sections. These sections or layers are another reason for getting a slowed network here, and the delivery of the network becomes unpredictable.

  • Core video file
  • Container format
  • Time-based transfer protocol


  • You can pay low and enjoy the best shows from Hulu and YouTube, along with the free videos.
  • Pay $5 to enjoy the cable.
  • Enjoy original shows on Netflix, Hulu, and other fascinating programs.
  • OTT does not require tons of equipment, a laptop, or a phone along with a TV box to get the best streaming solution.


  • The users might find it exhausted for buffering, and during the peak hour, the buffering increases.
  • All the new episodes are released only when the other streaming sites have launched those at the release date.
  • They provide a barrier in the data limit you stream though the package is unlimited. It is a vital drawback, and most people avoid it for this reason.


IPTV and OTT have turned our monotonous days into full of life. People cannot think a day without either of the services. They vary based on the features and systems; the users are free to choose any of them.

IPTV is more expensive than OTT for its fantastic service. OTT is cheaper and provides interruption if you have a poor internet connection at your place along, the peak hours are difficult to bear.

The advantages and disadvantages are here to show you a better comparison between two of the services. Ask your neighbor or a friend to help you more with this decision. However, you can change the service later if it does not suit you.

If you ask me what my verdict is, I will definitely go for IPTV since the budget will not bother here. If you need more information read our latest review about best iptv subscription providers canada reviews. Based on the expense and service you expect, it is better to chill with IPTV than suffering from the exhaustion of OTT service.

Enjoy Streaming!