Best IPTV Subscription Providers Canada Reviews

Television, through the internet, is what IPTV is all about. This streaming service phenomenon has taken the whole world by storm, and Canada is no different. More and more people are opting for the services, but there are too many options. Some are great, some not so legal.

You might not distinguish between the two and get penalized heavily for using an illegal service. To avoid any such thing from happening, you should always look for the Best IPTV subscription providers within the area. AzimIPTV is undoubtedly one of them. Canada reviews 2020 for subscription providers got more info on that.

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What's IPTV, and How it works?

Cable televisions have dominated the market for decades, but they are slowly getting replaced by the more modern streaming televisions.

IPTV is one such service that takes full advantage of the internet and offers you access to channels worldwide. And you can have that for a few bucks.

However, the service requires having a good internet connection to ensure that you can stream without any issue. Now, the service here gets offered in two forms. With devices like laptops and smartphones, you can access the IPTV just by subscribing to it. But for the TV, you might require to use a box to translate the media on your screen.

However, today’s TV can get this Video-on-demand service streamed right on the screen without any need for a set-top box.

Is it legal?

People have the same questions to ask about IPTV services. The most common being is it legal. Many don’t know that the service is legit all over the world. However, it is the practice among some of the providers that are not lawful.

Some provider’s offer their packages with channels to which they got no rights to. They steal the signals and store them without any permission for you to enjoy from their servers. This is an illegal practice.

Trying to offer more channels than the competition, many providers often tend to do this. That’s why getting the streaming service from a trusted provider is essential as you can get punished with fines for using them.

Best IPTV service in Canada—AzimIPTV

From all the services, AzimIPTV is one of the best. If you search for IPTV providers in Canada, there will be many names that will come up. But with most of them, you will get a limited number of channels options. That’s because those services are mostly focused on providing local channels. Not all are the same. For instance, one of the best IPTV in Toronto is TorontoIPTV. And they offer a variety of shows from different regions like India and so on.

Those services target a niche audience as many people live in Canada from the Asian country.

Meanwhile, AzimIPTV provides an even more extensive network that covers channels all over the globe. They offer more than 6000+ channels. You get live broadcasting of all kinds of news channels, sports channels, and much more with them.

And the variety of packages they offer also makes it relatively more affordable for the users. You can get it in various forms. There are options to pay monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly, and even for 2-years upfront. The wide ranges of the package let you save more money, depending on your need.

But the best part is that you can even enjoy a free trial for 24-hours, where you get to experience the service before committing to it.

Why AzimIPTV is the best IPTV in Canada?

TV over the internet has become more popular, and many are adopting this technology. There are more service providers than ever, and the number is only going to increase. That’s because local IPTV is trying to get the market share with more affordable services targeting the audience within their areas.

How does AzimIPTV fit into that equation and makes itself the best IPTV in Canada? When you start to use the service, that difference will be more evident to you. Still, some features make the system stand out from the rest.

Check out the below list to get some clear ideas.


Local IPTV services can offer like around 3500+ channels or more. AzimIPTV shows double the media with an impressive number of 10000+ stations to tune into. Connecting to their servers, you will get 10Gbps speed at all times, no matter the location. This provides impressive no-delay streaming that others can’t match.


The high number of channels is not of any use if the quality is not good. If the video on the screen got broken pixels, then it is not at all enjoyable. However, AzimIPTV uses the latest technologies in streaming HD channels through their servers. Illegal services might provide the stations, but video quality’s clarity won’t be there for you to enjoy. Live broadcast in 4K is something only you can get with AzimIPTV as there aren’t many services providing it on such a scale.


Most streaming services aren’t compatible with all devices. AzimIPTV offers you an on-demand video to any device you’ve got. Using your smartphone or TV, you can enjoy the service without any interruption.

Massive Library:

Streaming live channels is not the only thing you get with the service. AzimIPTV has a vast library of movies and TV shows. Only giants like Netflix or Amazon prime can offer you such a collection. Still, they can’t provide the added bonus of live streaming of your favorite shows, news channels, and sports programs like AzimIPTV does.

Pause and Rewind:

Often emergency situations like an important call or similar to that come up in crunch live TV moments like an NBA final or a Super Bowl. You can’t just ignore them. At the same time, you don’t want to miss those crucial plays and regret later hearing about it from your friends and colleagues. AzimIPTV can help you with its live TV pause and rewind option.

This is a feature that many providers have adopted. However, the best IPTV in Toronto, AzimIPTV, lets you enjoy this feature for up to 7-days. Just hit pause and leave it there to enjoy for later—no need to record it.

24x7 support:

You’re enjoying some live streaming game online from service, and suddenly the video stops. You can’t watch the link anymore and have to find another one. Those links get taken down by an authority as they use unethical practices to provide the stream live on your screen.

AzimIPTV makes sure to give you 24×7 streaming non-stop without any lags or anything. They take proper measurements to provide quality streaming legally to avoid any such interference. This will certainly will give you a more enjoyable watching experience.

Besides that, there is a 24×7 customer support team working around the clock to assist any inquiries or issues you might have with the service. They act fast on the complaints to solve it quickly to give you an uninterruptible service.

Is it worth it?

Services like Netflix or any such streaming media cost you a lot. And if you think about it, they don’t offer content for all-region. Something available for Europe or Asia won’t be made available for you to watch in your area. Plus, there is no live streaming option for games and other stuff.

Similarly, local IPTV doesn’t cover stations around the globe. And their TV and movie library isn’t as enriching either.

On the other hand, the amount of stations AzimIPTV offers is exceptional. No matter your location, you get access to everything. The things someone might look at from Asia can also enjoy it from your bedroom in Toronto without any problem.

And the media library they got is also full of popular shows and movies from the past and the present that it is quite a complete package. You can enjoy all that for a fraction of a cost that makes it a more affordable option.

Looking at Best IPTV Subscription Providers Canada AzimIPTV Reviews 2020, you’ve got to admit AzimIPTV is worth the try as it revolutionized the streaming service.