Become a Reseller with TVIP-Best Ways to Increase Your Income

TVIP-S-Box-v.605 Reseller

Want to make a lot of money? Start your own TVIP box reselling business. People are moving towards the IPTV boxes with every passing day leaving their old cable TV’s.

More people are looking to get the boxes which opened a window of opportunity to make quick money selling TVIP boxes. And with the Worlds’ best TVIP reseller program, you can be part of that too

That’s right!

Become TVIP resellers with AzimIPTV and make profits on every TVIP sale. You can get TVIP boxes such as the TVIP 605, one of the best TVIP devices out there, and resell it to people who are looking to get the service in your area and make a profit on the sales.

Unboxing Mediacenter TVIP S-Box v.605

Get the Best Quality TVIP Boxes for Customer

  • Highest Quality Picture: Provide your customers with the highest quality resolution system in the business. Let them enjoy 4K videos with the box.
  • Video On Demand: Give them the chance to watch their favorite shows or movies whenever you want with the Media Center devices.
  • Fast Interface: With a 1Gb ram system, customers will have a great time using the TVIP box without any hanging or screen freezes.
  • Catch UP TV: With the EPG service of the TVIP box, you can catch-up to on shows that the users have missed later.

Become Business Partner

Become a Business Partner

To become a reseller for the TVIP boxes, you simply need to register a reseller account. With that account, you will get access to a simple and easy to manage Reseller panel to control your business.

No need to use any other resources as the entire system is automated to have you manage your workflow without any effort.

  • 24/7 support: Get 24/7 expert support for the smallest of technical issues to run your reseller program smoothly.
  • Unlimited accounts: Add as many clients in the system to run your TVIP service without any problem.

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Why be a Part of the TVIP Box Reseller Program?

We offer all the tools you need to start your very own TVIP box selling business without any hassle

  • Quality service: The unmatched service provided by the products here will make sure you will satisfy the customers to get word of mouth and get new buyers.
  • Greater Pricing: With the friendly reseller pricing on the TVIP box models, we make sure our partners can grow their business as well as improve margins.
  • Low investment: We ensure that anyone can be part of the TVIP service program to start their business with a low initial deposit.
  • Huge Profit opportunities: Resellers can sell the products at any price they can to make huge margins.
  • 24/7 support: Our technical support team is always ready to help to solve any difficulties you have at any given time

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Mediacenter TVIP S-Box v.605 Product Details

tvip processor

Amlogic S905X quad core 1,5 GHz


Support HEVC

tvip hdmi


tvip wifi

WiFi 802.11 (b/g/n/ac) 2,4/5 GHz

tvip 4k

Video resolution 3840×2160 (HDR)

tvip time_shifted_TV

Time Shifted TV

iptv epg

TV schedule

tvip Customer Device Management

Customer Device Management


One interface for all devices

One interface for all devices

Video on Demand

Video on Demand

TV archive

The market is growing and so do the demand for TVIP boxes are growing with it. Within 2019-2024, just the US market is forecasted to grow by 70 billion dollars. So, why not get on to it right away and get the share of your cake: Become a Reseller.